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Helping government agencies improve their communication

Using a wide range of technologies and CloudWaves extensive experience we help government agencies deliver highly effective communication systems.

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The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating disruptive trends in the public sector



Combined technologies and CloudWaves extensive experience we help governments deliver highly effective communication systems.


IT Modernisation

Replacing and upgrading aging, on premise technology to reduce risk of downtime and providing future proof solutions.


Privacy Concerns

Growing privacy concerns over information collection and control of private data


Change the way you engage and communicate

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Turn the disruption into opportunities

Using a suite of technology solutions CloudWave can facilitate you in building secure bespoke systems that allow you to efficiently and effectively disseminate targeted communications to large audiences 



New technology allows you to reach customers in ways not possible before. Using a mixture of SMS, email and outbound calling you can create target campaigns to reach the audience you need.

  • Promote opportunities for feedback across channels

  • Educate communities on available programs and lower barriers to entry

  • Provide timely and self-service information with automation



Cloud technology is a future-proofed tech stack allowing you to systematically build features and functions as your business or services requires. Safe in the knowledge the technology will support you in the long term

  • Scale up or down on demand 

  • Launch programs quickly and make changes as needs evolve

  • Enable remote work, and virtual learning 


Build Trust

Our range of products allows you to build deeper relationships with your clients and customers. Offering a better more personalised service to enhance the trust and relationship between both parties

  • Use accessible and preferred channels

  • Provide service and engagement through communication, not apps 

  • Enable identity verification and text to call options

Innovative government agencies and their non-profit partners rely on us to deliver


Features that engage your customers



  • Traffic Alerts

  • Election information

  • Census Participation

  • Public health annoucements

  • Medical Appointments

  • Licencing test scheduling

  • Payment reminders

  • Booking conformations



  • Request feedback on budgets

  • Enable interactions across public officals

  • Chatbot assitants

  • Program application support

How our clients are benefitting today

See how we have built solutions that have driven efficiencies to large Australian based businesses 


Service NSW achieves 30% ROI year on year with CloudWave’s Elastic SIP trunking solution.

CloudWave provides Elastic SIP trunking services for Service NSW to the Genesys Cloud platform and carries approximately 12 million minutes per month.

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​​​​​​​Solution Highlights

  • CloudWave rapidly migrated all services with 100% uptime, no interruption to contact centre operations, allowing all KPIs to be met by agents
  • The solution already delivers elastic scale without incremental channel concurrency penalty.


CloudWave helped Fortescue Metals improve audio quality across all sites and reduced telco charges by 50%

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Solution Highlights

- Rapid expansion of telephony and contact centre

- Integration of backoffice telephony and well architected framework for distribution of calls to agents or backoffice workers

- Tier 1, military grade security

- Deep reporting insights

- Easy to access dashboard for self-serve management

- 24/7 support

- Highly resilient, high availability network

CloudWave also tailored reports and dashboards to allow deep insights into every call in real time.

Underpinned by the Twilio supernetwork and elastic SIP services, CloudWave tailored a service for Fortescue Metals Group (FMGL) approached CloudWave with the following challenges:


Start with alerts to drive awareness, progress to conversations and feedback



Over SMS, Voice and e-mail - Keep residents informed of public service announcements and program updates



Through SMS-based scheduling and reminders - Reduce no-shows and improve program participation 



Through chatbots and interactive voice response – Program applicants answer common questions and fill out required forms



Through SMS and webchat with automated workflows – Easily escalate unique questions to staff 

Using a broad range of technology products and CloudWaves year s of experience in delivering world-class customer experience solutions we can partner with you to deliver systems that enhance customer satisfaction and deliver rapid ROI.