The Communication Journey

The single biggest challenge that nearly every company puts at the top of its list is communication. George Bernard Shaw set us straight on this when he said: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

In an industry where technology is advancing faster than ever, and the channels and tools used to communicate internally and externally are growing fast, CloudWave is here to make sure you’re informed, empowered and enabled to communicate with your customers and your staff in the best possible way for them and your business.

Australia's number 1 cloud contact centre service provider.


We not only make contact centre technology that customers love to use, but through a deep understanding of the contact centre industry, we empower our customers and their employees to innovate by providing the latest technology on the best cloud communications platforms.

Independent contact centre consultants

As independent consultants we'll help you make the best technology choices to meet the communication needs of your business.

Development Road Map

Transforming your


When you come to know that effective communication is one of the top ranking challenges amongst all businesses, you begin to realise the impact you can have by providing the best technology available. 


Configured in a way that aligns to the vision of the brand, hence, we transform businesses by creating contact centre technology that customers love to use.


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Meet the awesome Cloudwave team


David Wall


I lead the technical side of CloudWave as we help our customers learn about what is possible with cloud technologies, then implement solutions with them.


I'm interested in exploring new ways to solve problems with my colleagues at CloudWave and our trusted Vendor Alliance partners.

I have a real passion for delivering cutting edge technology to clients and I get a real buzz out of seeing our solutions make real business impacts on a day to day basis.

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Michael Powrie


My passion is being at the centre of all things cutting edge technology, providing wow factor experiences for new clients and of course my wonderful family including my wife and 4 beautiful kids.

I believe our cloud technology allows more personal and professional freedom than ever before in history. 

The best outcomes are found by truly listening to our customers and mapping the best technology the world has to offer. If it doesn’t exist we build it!
In this new world of open API, flexible cloud infrastructure and tailored software solutions …we love saying YES.

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Patrick Goodyer

Account Manager

I am passionate about enabling better customer experiences & business outcomes through cloud technology. I believe leveraging Cloud Technology unlocks unparalleled potential for clients looking to achieve great customer experiences through resilient, open cloud platforms.


Working at CloudWave amongst a great sales team and engineers who are trailblazing in the Cloud Communications space is an extremely fulfilling job. 


Glendon Jackson Evarts

Contact Centre Technology Sales

I am passionate about helping others to achieve success in their personal and professional life. At CloudWave we are working with the absolute forefront of communication technology and in doing so, helping our customers understand what is possible for their business, their customers and their employee experience.

As experts in tech, we create the best customer outcomes by listening to what is important and using or creating the best, most innovative and practical solutions to address it.
CloudWave is a people driven business with Enterprise blood, I call us a family because that is how I feel I am treated as an employee, like family. We have big ambitions and a great team of legends to fulfil them.

Our cloud technology partners


Case Study:


Watch our Carsguide case study to see how we built and implement a market leading and innovative IVR solution for their contact centre.


Case Study: Reckon

Watch our Rekon case study to see how we transitioned their 20 year old on premise contact centre to new world cloud technology with Amazon Connect.

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Our Customer Success Stories