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How CloudWave helped Electrolux achieve a 30% reduction in telco costs.

An overarching business goal for Electrolux was to expand their operations into Asia-Pacific - specifically, developing countries in the region


Electrolux shapes living for the better by reinventing taste, care and well-being experiences, making life more enjoyable and sustainable for millions of people.

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Sydney - Australia


About Electrolux

Electrolux is a leading global appliance manufacturer. Operating for over 100 years, the Swedish multinational home appliance leader has shaped living for the better by reinventing taste, care and wellbeing experiences, making life more enjoyable and sustainable for millions of people. Selling more than 60 million household and professional products in more than 120 markets every year, Electrolux strives to improve everyday life.

The Challenge

An overarching business goal for Electrolux was to expand its operations into Asia-Pacific - specifically, developing countries in the region. 

The existing contact centre technology comprised of bespoke key systems and largely on premise Avaya systems of varying versions and age. This resulted in multiple tools and data sources that were not in support of each other. This complex set up needed on site local technicians to regularly update and maintain the disparate systems. 

A series of unexpected factors including lightning strike damage to their Malaysia site and the global Covid-19 pandemic, meant that technicians weren’t able to perform their usual maintenance tasks on site. This compounded the existing challenges of language barriers, unreliable infrastructure and government regulations, threatening Electrolux’ 99.9% uptime goal for their call centre. 

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Speak to the Experts - APAC's first Gold Consulting Partner

CloudWave are APAC's first Twillio Gold Consulting Partner, with a wealth of experienced engineers and world-class project deliveries.


 With CloudWave as your partner, you can be confident in the reliability, scalability, and performance of your communication solutions, enabling you to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional customer experiences and growing your business."


Helping Electrolux deliver for their customers across APAC 

The CloudWave Solution

Electrolux was looking for a partner that understood their vision for the future and could help them find the appropriate solution to simplify communication functions between clients to ensure fast and efficient engagement with customers at every interaction. 

Cloudwave stood out as a partner that could integrate solutions from best-of-breed vendors and deliver a bespoke offering to ensure all of Elextrolux’s specific needs were met.

Cloudwave suggested Electrolux implement Twilio Flex, a cloud-based contact centre that is built on top of Twilio's cloud communications platform. This enabled the smooth transition from a traditional, on-premise contact centre to a cloud contact centre with zero downtime. 

As one of the first partners in APAC to be a part of the Twilio BUILD program, Cloudwave has 10 certified Twilio engineers who tailored a solution including advanced contact centre features specifically for Electrolux.

A key differentiator that set Twilio apart from other vendors was the ability to use the power of the Twilio Supernetwork*, a single telco overlay across the whole region – including countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

The rollout was managed as a phased approach, starting with 80 agents in Australia followed by an additional 7 countries and 300 agents in APAC. 

Once the implementation was complete, there was a focus on change management. Agents and managers needed to be trained on the new interfaces, reporting and management tools. This process was made simple by implementing the standardised Twilio platform across the region and leveraging tools like language packages.

We could not have accomplished these outcomes by buying a product off the shelf. Cloudwave built us a cloud contact centre solution that achieved every goal we set. They understood the complexities of the APAC market, and matched our requirements to the best possible solution for us."

Shane Rose, Senior  IT Manager APAC/MEA at Electrolux

What’s next?

The solution achieved a 99.9% uptime for Electrolux’s contact centre and established a solid foundation to enable future channels across the region.

Electrolux now plans to:

  • Capture consumer intent using google CCAI to understand the tasks that require minimal effort in order to transition them into either self-service or hire specialised agents to deliver a more tailored consumer experience. 

  • Leverage their capabilities to enable channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Line in order to allow real time language translation for easier communications between agents and consumers.

  • Continue the rollout of Twilio and Flex throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East region. 

“We have enjoyed a true partnership with Cloudwave. They have led us through our innovation journey, implementing a business continuity plan tailored to our specific needs. We have now successfully implemented agents in Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia – all during the pandemic.”


Shane Rose, Senior  IT Manager APAC/MEA at Electrolux

* Twilio has established partnerships with Tier 1 providers all over the world to make up our Carrier Partner Network. Instead of dealing with the outages and service disruptions common in today's telecom world, companies can depend on the Twilio Carrier Partner Network for higher quality and reliability than a single provider network allows for.


Weaving together these different networks into the Twilio Super Network gives businesses a global reach over any channel through one provider.

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