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CBC’s Digital Transformation with CloudWave and Twilio Flex

CBC’s digital transformation journey was powered by Cloudwave's implementation of Twilio Flex, a modern cloud-based contact centre platform. 


CBC is a leading provider of facilities, asset management, and construction services that caters to a diverse range of industries within the public and private sectors, including healthcare, housing, retail, transport, and infrastructure. With a Help Desk operating 24/7, CBC is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and operational excellence.

Client Industry:
Facilities Management

Australia wide


The Challenge

CBC has embarked on a business-wide digital transformation journey, transitioning from on-premise legacy equipment to modern cloud-based infrastructure.


One crucial tenet of this transformation was the evolution of their Help Desk operations to better support the evolving needs of their large network of customers, Prior to partnering with CloudWave, CBC’s Help Desk relied on an on-premise PABX system that lacked advanced routing, reporting capabilities, and intelligent functionalities.


This setup presented limitations in terms of customer engagement, service levels, and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). The absence of remote access capabilities also posed challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenges Faced

  • The existing setup had limited functionality and lacked critical features and intelligent routing capabilities.

  • ”We struggled with a lack of visibility, as we had no analytics or ability to monitor customer interactions for training and development.” Melissa Hitchcock, CBC Help Desk Manager. 

  • The inflexibility of the legacy system was another hurdle, making it difficult to adapt to evolving business needs. The absence of insights due to the lack of call recording and reporting capabilities hampered CBC's ability to evaluate and enhance agent performance effectively.

  • The impact of COVID-19 further exacerbated their difficulties, as the absence of remote work capabilities meant that the CBC Help Desk team had to work exclusively from the office  -posing additional operational challenges amid and beyond the pandemic. 

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Helping CBC deliver exceptional customer experiences and operational excellence.

The CloudWave Solution

CBC’s digital transformation journey was powered by CloudWave's implementation of Twilio Flex, a modern cloud-based contact centre platform. 

Twilio Flex allows us to better manage the needs of our customers by managing call handling across our team, enhancing our productivity and ensuring a better service for our customers”

Gia Trucido, Help Desk Consultant

Solution Features

  • Analytics and Insights: Providing real-time visibility into customer interactions, agent performance, and operational metrics.


  • Custom Integrations: Bespoke data dip integrations enhancing the flow of information and improving work order management.


  • Creative Call Flows: Innovative call routing mechanisms optimising agent availability and improving customer experiences.


  • Speech Recognition Routing: Natural language processing improving call routing efficiency and accuracy.


  • Voicemail and After-Hours Escalation: Establishing robust voicemail features and smart after-hours escalation points were established.

A key differentiator that set Twilio apart from other vendors was the ability to use the power of the Twilio Super Network. 

Twilio Super Network is a network of Tier 1 providers all over the world to make up their Carrier Partner Network. Instead of dealing with the outages and service disruptions common in today's telecom world, companies can depend on the Twilio Carrier Partner Network, which provides higher quality and reliability than a single provider network allows for. Weaving together these different networks within the Twilio Super Network means businesses have a global reach over any channel through just one provider.

Achieved Outcomes

CBC digitally transformed their Help Desk operations, achieved enhanced customer experiences, and realised operational efficiency gains. 

“Apart from the insights gained through analytics, Twilio Flex allows us to better manage the needs of our customers by managing call handling across our team, enhancing our productivity and ensuring a better service for our customers.”

Gia Trucido, Help Desk Consultant

The successful implementation of Twilio Flex, combined with tailored integrations and routing mechanisms, demonstrated the power of effective technology partnerships in driving improvements in customer experience outcomes.

“Have CloudWave and Twilio Flex delivered the objectives we set out to achieve?  Absolutely! One of the main objectives was to further our commitment to customer service. Twilio has enhanced our customer interactions in many ways, including through better management of call flows. Our team, in collaboration with CloudWave, were able to implement this very efficiently.

The solution has integrated seamlessly with our current systems and we continue to leverage the analytics on a daily basis.”


Melissa Hitchcock, CBC Help Desk Manager


As a result of the partnership with CloudWave and Twilio, CBC has experienced

  • Faster Resolution Times: Improved routing and insights led to quicker problem resolution.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The 24/7 availability and remote agent capabilities optimized resource allocation.

  • Professional Service: The solution's Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and concierge-type service elevated customer experiences.

  • Comprehensive Customer Journey: From inbound IVR to agent interaction, CBC gained a holistic view of the customer journey.

  • Improved Customer Experience: Customer feedback reflected a notable improvement in service quality.

  • Reliability and Redundancy: The implemented solution offered 100% reliability with disaster recovery and failover mechanisms.

As a twilio Gold Consulting Partner CloudWave has the skills and team to help you maximise the benefit your organisation can get from using twilio technology. 

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