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Omni-channel cloud based contact centre software solution offering unlimited scale and global reach.


Powerful performance, that's easy to use.

Cloudwave Neon is a complete contact centre solution built to harness the true power of Amazon Connect and the complete Cognitive CX portfolio.

Cloudwave Neon seamlessly combines the cutting edge technology elements from Amazon connect and user focused interface to provide your business with a tool to grow your business.




Cost Effective

Built with the power of

Amazon Connect


Average hard cost savings from successfully transitioned customers

The best of both worlds.

Cloudwave Neon is built and priced around a consumption model, meaning you pay for what you use.

Neon is a market leader in terms of its wide ranging functionality and its ability to offer cost effective pricing scalable to any business size.

Easy deployment via Amazons marketplace 

Save money and wow your customers with Cloudwave Neon

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Features to keep you ahead of the competition

Our comprehensive feature set puts Cloudwave Neon ahead of the competition in its availability to deliver world class contact centre functionality at a cost effective price. 

Voice Channels

Web Chat


Cloud Contact Centre



User Presence

Transcription services

See how            can transform your contact centre with an all-in-one, quick-to-deploy omnichannel platform.

Integrate with the worlds best

Cloudwave Neon's CRM integration allows you to integrate with some of the worlds best CRM systems, improving your business process and customer experience.

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Highly Secure - 3DES encrypted

Built on AWS platform 

Fully customisable Interface

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