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Daisee provides automated quality management for customer interactions, powered by artificial intelligence, speech and text analytics

About Daisee

Daisee builds technology that empowers people to solve problems by making interactions simple and smart so they can have a more significant impact, be more productive and be better at what they do. We believe incremental improvements carry huge potency and provide exponentially greater change for the better.

Cloudwave customers can now automate risk and quality management using Daisee’s speech and sentiment analytics & remediation workflow software, integrated within their Dynamics interface.

  • Provide quality assurance coverage on 100% of customer interactions


  • Improve customer experience

  • Ensure regulatory compliance


  • Identify missed commercial opportunities and churn risk


  • Identify poor agent conduct and performance

  • Provide valuable insights back to the business 

  • Pinpoint training requirements

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more take a look at the Daisee website or reach out to us.


Cloud Based

Fast Implemenation

Patented AI

$0 Customisation

Automated QA

Open data policy

Automated Quality Management powered by AI and Speech Analytics.

Gain control of your voice data


Quickly identify compliance issues, gain knowledge and insights that enable better business outcomes.

The power of daisee is augmented human intelligence. Crunching, filtering and categorising huge amounts of voice data used to be an unachievable task.

Daisee does this in near-real-time so that people can act upon the insights. Enabling you to see far beyond words alone, surfacing the underlying emotion hidden deep within your calls – what your customers are really saying, thinking and feeling.

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The Programmable Scorecard™ automatically scores each customer interaction using a scoring method that is based on the specific quality framework for each team within your organisation against 3 core pillars; communication, conduct and compliance. Should an interaction receive a low-score or is deemed high-risk, a workflow is automatically activated in near-real-time, bringing to attention the need for it to be reviewed and remediated. Daisee is pre-trained out of the box so deployment is a matter of days, not months or years and there is no setup or professional services fees – just a straightforward SaaS-based pricing model.


Proprietary Semantic Engine

Daisee ingests conversational media into its patent-pending Semantic Engine, utilising a comprehensive combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to derive Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Daisee’s machine-read comprehension of the underlying context of the communication is far superior in focus than traditional speech and text analytics that use a simple word-match and counting approach. The software groups language based on meaning which is essential to locating desirable features in interactions where similar things are said in different ways.

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