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Why Train with us?

  • Fully Certified Trainers
    All of our courses are led by Certified trainers and allow you to work directly with them to gain familiarity with both AWS and OpenStack services and capabilities and obtain valuable hands on experience.
  • Flexible Training Options
    We offer one and three day training courses in a range of specialties and locations across Australia for both AWS and OpenStack. We can also tailor a training program to suit your specific needs. We are flexible with location and can come to a location of your choice or we can offer you use of our own training facilities.
  • Support for Certification
    Because our trainers are all Certified they can help guide you in obtaining your own Certified Professional Qualifications. They can help you gain visibility and credibility for your proven experience working with either AWS or OpenStack.
  • Hands On Experience
    All of our AWS and OpenStack courses include instructor led hands on training. We also give you free access to our sister site Cloud Certification Training so you can continue your training and practice your new skills once you’ve returned to the workplace. Cloud Certification Training will also help you gain the cloud certification of your choice.

Our Current Course Offerings

Examples of our Course Material?

Breaking down the AWS Exam Blueprint
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level Exam Blueprint is put out by AWS and can be found here.
In my opinion the blueprint gives you a very perplexing view of what is really required in regards to passing this exam.  Consequently in this video we untangle that view and  provide an easier list of topics that you need to study in order to confidently sit for this exam.
The differences between Security Groups and NACLs in Amazon Web Services
When you initially begin working on AWS there are a lot of concepts that you need to learn. This is one that I had real difficulty with. I found it very confusing. So, in this free video it is my goal to help clear up any confusion that you may have and I will do that by stressing the important concepts and providing real world examples of security groups and NACLs.
Security groups in a VPC specify which traffic is allowed to or from an Amazon EC2 instance. Network ACLs operate at the subnet level and evaluate traffic entering and exiting a subnet. Network ACLs can be used to set both Allow and Deny rules. Network ACLs do not filter traffic between instances in the same subnet. In addition, network ACLs perform stateless filtering while security groups perform stateful filtering.

Writing your first CloudFormation Template

Writing your first CloudFormation template isn’t as difficult as you may have first thought.  If you are writing your first CloudFormation template try and keep it as simple as possible and only have the resources section.  Keeping it simple will make it less likely to fail.
In this free video the important concepts involved in writing a very simple cloudformation template are discussed. The following is a list of what sections are needed in a template and they are further discussed in the video.

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