Cloud Computing – 8 Interview Tips

Cloud Computing – 8 Interview Tips

Cloud Computing – 8 Interview Tips

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Cloud Computing Jobs are currently a hot item but you first need to get an interview before you can secure yourself a spot in this fast expanding area. Interviews can be a harrowing experience. However if you are 100% prepared before the interview it should go a long way to alleviate some of the stress and even if you don’t succeed in nailing the job at least give you the feeling that you gave it your best shot. So in this post I am going to outline 8 tips for you to focus on before you go for any Cloud Computing Jobs that will hopefully help you obtain your dream job.

 1.   Cloud Computing Jobs – Get the job interview

This may seem obvious but you need to get the interview before you can begin to prepare for the interview. Among other things, this means that you need to have a great resume. There are a lot of resources out there available for you to use to achieve this. Don’t be afraid to spend some money to achieve this. I subscribe to a service that only costs $10/year where you input all your details and it spits the results out in a nicely formatted PDF document. I suggest you use something like this as it is a very small investment for a possibly life changing event. Spend time reviewing your resume and experience and its relevance to the position. Identify the specific examples in your background that are directly relevant to the position description and demonstrate your ability to do the job.

2.   Cloud Computing Jobs – Research the company

Let’s hypothetically say you are going for a job interview with Netflix. You will need to know more than the fact that they stream movies. In this day and age there is no excuse for not fully understanding the technical ins and outs of such a company as they are almost fully transparent with what and how they go about their business. They even have a Technical Blog that is a very interesting read even if you aren’t preparing for a job interview. So read the blog and memorize the latest few posts and show enthusiasm for it’s content. Hopefully you won’t have to fake your enthusiasm and if you do, maybe you need to be looking for another job. I just read their latest two blogs and if I was going for a job at Netflix I would make sure they knew it and would try and start up some casual conversations such as “I just read your latest blog from John Carmack on Developing the Netflix App for Oculus where you are trying to develop a Netflix app for Samsung Gear VR. Wow that sounds really interesting.” Again, if this doesn’t actually get you excited maybe you are on the wrong career path.

3.   Cloud Computing Jobs – Exhibit enthusiasm and Passion

If you are reading this post it is probably safe to assume that you are “a geek”, or at least have more than a passing interest in technology and the cloud. Well, you need to get that across in the interview. Talk about your geeky interests.” In my spare time I like to build apps for my raspberry pi ” or whatever floats your boat. Don’t over do it and also try to get across that your human and offer up some of your less technical pastimes.

4.   Cloud Computing Jobs – Come prepared for key questions

You should know everything that is in the Job Description or at least be aware of what it all means. Taking a random piece from a job listing below as an example…

-Interface with Microsoft and partner sales/delivery teams to drive consumption of Azure data and analytics services, including SQL Database, SQL Server on Azure VMs,Document DB, SQL Data Warehouse, HDInsight, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, Data Factory, Event Hubs and Notification Hubs.
-Architect scalable data processing and analytics solutions, including technical feasibility and proposal development for Big Data storage, processing and consumption (e.g., development of enterprise Data Lake strategy, heterogeneous data management, Polyglot Persistence, decision support/BI over Data Lake).

Now, if you were going for an interview with this company and they ask you what you know about heterogeneous data management and Polyglot Persistence and your eyes start to glaze over and you turn white, well you probably aren’t going to get the job and there is really no excuse for not knowing this . Even thought it is extremely obscure it is in the job description and you need to find out before the interview everything that is in it.

5.   Cloud Computing Jobs – Be ready for the obvious questions

Interviewers love to ask a lot of similar open ended questions. Again, you need to be prepared before hand and it it is almost certain that you will be asked at least one, or even more of the following questions.

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What is your greatest strength/weakness?
  • Why are you leaving your current position?
  • What do you consider your most significant accomplishment?
  • How do you handle pressure? Do you like or dislike these situations?
  • Deadlines, frustrations and difficult people can make a job difficult. How do you handle these types of situations?
  • How has your technical ability been important in accomplishing results?

And so on and so forth……. Google “Top 10 job interview questions” for more examples but the general idea is to be aware of most of the more commonly asked ones.

6.  Cloud Computing Jobs – Know the exact place and time of the interview and be early.

Don’t arrive at the interview too early but definitely plan to arrive somewhere near the interview early. To steal a quote from Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices 

Design for failure and nothing will fail

Meaning transport can fail, so assume that it will and have alternate plans to get to the interview.

7. Cloud Computing Jobs – Know the interviewer’s full name, the correct pronunciation of their title and a little about them.

Once again, there is no excuse for not researching this before hand with the wealth of information available to you. In the information age you can find out a lot about a person on Facebook or LinkedIn. Don’t be too creepy however and find out too much about them. Knowing who they worked for previously may help you determine the depth of their technical knowledge and what type of questions they may ask.

8.   Cloud Computing Jobs – Prepare the questions you will ask during the interview.

Inevitably you will be asked at the end of the interview “Do you have any questions for us?” By this stage I am usually ready to run out the door and find the nearest bar. However it’s probably not a good look and consequently you will need to have some questions prepared. Have at least five different ones, as sometimes your questions will be answered during the interview process and if you don’t have some backups you will be left looking a little ill prepared. Also make sure the questions are relevant to the job and don’t try and ask obscure questions as making the interviewer look dumb isn’t going to help you get this job.

I hope the above tips can help you navigate the often daunting experience of a job interview. If you do all the above and still aren’t successful then you need to find out why. It may have been one single thing that stopped you obtaining a position so it obviously makes sense to be aware of what that is and prepare for that better next time. If you fully prepare you aren’t 100% guaranteed of getting the job, however, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


About the Author:

I am a Certified Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect, proficient in most AWS Services. I am passionate about all things cloud and am excited about the possible future that this may bring. The last 8 months I have been working with Amazon Connect and the AWS ecosystem that forms contact centre solutions. This involves designing, building and deploying cutting edge solutions using a variety of Amazon Web Services. I am currently employed as a Cloud Consultant for Cloudwave Australia

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